Saturday, July 19, 2008

Table-top fusion!

Cool--table-top fusion is back in the news!

Seems Japanese researchers may have unlocked the puzzle of cold-fusion experiment repeatability. Proving that the miserably elusive phenomenon actually exists through repetition is the first nut to crack before trying to harness it into an unlimited, clean power supply.

When Pons & Fleischmann went down in flames after claiming to have created low-energy fusion reactions in a jar in the 1980's, mainstream science pretty much took a BIG step back from the controversial subject. Despite random unrepeatable confirmations, cold-fusion was seen as crank pseudo-science & a good way to end a promising career.

But apparently, a surprising number of legitimate scientists have been secretly chipping away at the vexing problem without calling attention to themselves--sort of like entertaining a weird underwear fetish you'd rather not have your neighbors find out about.

By the by, brilliant inventor Philo Farnsworth--who is credited with television--already created a tabletop fusion reactor back in the 1950's! You can even build one yourself or buy a version of the contraption if you need a ready supply of neutrons for some reason.

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